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Norfolk PE37 7TN
United Kingdom
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Computer Software Development


Who are we?

We are PrySoft, owned by P.R.Young Ltd, and are situated in the town of Swaffham, in Norfolk England. We have developed quality computer software since 1985 using the best software development tools available.

What do we do?

We develop both bespoke software and commercial applications.Our own software covers both business and manufacturing related applications. Our bespoke software is built to the clients specification or we will help the client write the specification if required.

A few titles from our range of Software

Accident Reporting: Windows based program for recording and reporting Accidents / Near Misses
Safety Review: Windows based program used in conjunction with Accident Reporting or as a stand alone application.
Specification Maintenance: Windows based Documentation Control program.
Training Recording: Windows based program to record and control all aspects of Training within a manufacturing or warehouse environment.

Some of our Clients

CCSB (Edmonton) Ltd.
CDI Catalogues Ltd.
C.P.R. Ltd.
Martis Engineering Ltd.
OMFSAboutFace Charity Group
The Picture Place King's Lynn
Sacred Heart Convent School (Swaffham)
Swaffham Discount Carpets